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My favourite links

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Kashmir links
Hindi links
  • It was the CDAC Pune's site that enabled me to create the Hindi/Kashmiri pages.  You can get user-friendly Indian language wordprocessor and fonts from this site.
  • A nice Hindi site is
  • Wanna get help in web-page building in Hindi?  Go to Hindi Net Services.
  • Of all personal pages in Hindi, I like Amit Kumar Sharma's the best.  The young boy from Calcutta is a genius.
  • Amit also hosts a literary site Hindi Rachnayen.  Excellent poems and articles on this site.
  • Some Indians in New Zealand have created this site, again good on literary content.  What is great about this site is that you need no fonts.
  • Instead of giving you more Hindi links, let me link you stright to the Hindilinks site.  This gives you links to almost everything there is on Hindi on the net.

  • The latest Indian languages portal site where you can even chat in Hindi, is Webduniya.
India links
Philosophy links
Music and Poetry links
  • Listen to melodious Kashmiri music on KOA's music page
  • Catch some Oldies and other Hindi favourites on IndiaFM.
  • Jagjit-Chita.  They're my favourites.  Get real audio and lyrics on this site.
  • The ultimate Ghazal site is Mehfil-e-Ghazal.  Sign up for a Ghazal a day by e-mail.
Personal and Miscellaneous links